Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey fellow bloggers my nickname is Mort hence my screen name.  I was employed for 12yrs. at American Axle here in NY until they decided to send my job to China.  I was involved in an industrial accident there and was illegally fired, settled a Compensation Case and won a NYS Supreme Court Case against them (without a Lawyer)!  A very serious disability now prevents me from meaningful work and I struggle in daily life as I fight for disability (the American dream <sarcasm>).

If I didn’t need your help, I wouldn’t ask for it.  Unfortunately I have to humble myself.  I spent over ten years and $40K making the machine I’m about to share with you.  Please think about the money I’ve saved you from buying a commercial machine (ROCK BOTTOM $1K)!  Please think about the fact that anything that goes wrong with this machine can be easily and readily replaced from your local hardware store without downtime waiting for parts!  This thing is serious as it holds .015” tolerance or better! 

Please consider returning a gift to a fellow Patriot and very giving American.

Why I’m doing this…

300K of my fellow Americans have had their jobs stolen from them, their dreams dashed and hopes shattered just like me.  I tried as hard as I could to create my own job within my means but nature of disability prevents.  This machine if used properly will make you serious money.  It can be used to mill stone and metal if set up properly.  If I was to hire a Lawyer and Patent it, the second China sees it, it would be on a Wal-Mart shelf.  We need to hold our Government responsible but that’s another topic.

What I expect…

Now that I’ve gone Public as an inventor, I ask you to please consider what I’ve saved you in purchase of a new machine of equal quality.  Please help me back.  What other post anywhere has given you a FREE Thousand dollars?

As creator of this idea as applied to carving duplicators, I should expect no Business with multiple employee’s to be running one of these machines for profit!  If an employer is running one and you could prove it to me, you might be in for a hefty reward!  I’m a man of my word!  It’s a Patent idea and they have to buy it from me!  I’m making it public for you the little guy who’s struggling just like me!  Make and sell small items as an individual, I don’t care but don’t want to see them where American Labor has to compete against their use.  I don’t want to see them in Commercial use, they could pay me to buy the Patent as an inventor gone Public.

As promised, here's a video update, Stay tuned for more! 

Here's a vid of me using the Duplicator to plane a block of Cherry wood.
While you are here, if you're into carving or wood work, check out Rocklers add in the upper right of page!  Their deals on wood blanks beat what you can get on E-bay!